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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Rats, Vaping and Video by a not really posh person

We attended a big event last weekend. Usually, this fella (pictured) would have stayed with one of the family or friends - but they were all at the event. So our dog came along too. Frankly, he was a damn nuisance - and I'll tell you why....

This guy is a ratter. And boy, is he good! We have seen him in action. Unfortunately, as he has done before in old buildings, he got the "scent" in the wood paneled foyer of the posh hotel we stayed in, and made embarrassing hunting scenes!

Now, WE aren't posh people. We are pretty old-clothes-wearing, don't-mind-boots-in-the-lounge folk. And ....
But we fake it on occasions. So it is humiliating when your dog is convinced there are rats in the place you have just entered. And I have to say, he is seldom wrong! We omitted to tell the proprietor. Maybe it was the scent of high class Victorian rat ancestors, couldn't be sure, and we were reluctant to let the dog trash the place. So he had to be constantly watched and restrained.

I had my best outfit packed -

And took some elegant vaping equipment -

But  in the end only used one PV -

For reasons outlined in this video -