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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Vapers and smokers, do you know about screwing?

Vapers and smokers, do you know about screwing?

No, I don't mean being screwed by the profitable employment of the anti tobacco cult zombie people who get their livelihood in Public Health, in advisory groups, in lobby groups, in quango's, in The World Health Organisation, and in corporations, all of them wanting to control and tax us.

Electronic cigarettes are the consumer product that smokers are adopting to keep their lives pleasant, healthy and un-threatened by endemic smoking bans. They are wonderful. They are wonderful any way we use them. Whether we prefer them to smoking, as I do, whether we use them to quit, whether we use them to vape where smoking is banned, can any bad word be said against them?

Well yes - if you are a one of the anti tobacco cult zombie people who have been so habitually against smoking, and who now can't think straight. They are churning out mis-inormation and frightening the people, just like they did with smoking. They are biting off their noses to spite their faces. How stupid are they? The one technology that could reduce smoking significantly is being trashed!

So, it's not that kind of screwing I'm talking about.

This is what I'm talking about. I didn't know it myself but if you screw your tank/cartomiser/atomiser on your Personal Vapouriser or electronic cigarette too tightly on the battery, you wreck the pins (don't know if you'd call it a pin) that sends the electricity from the battery to the tank/cartomiser/atomiser. Furthermore, some air flows cannot work properly on a tight connection. Putting the tank/cartomiser/atomiser onto the battery should be done with the lightest touch and not screwed down tight. Don't strangle the flow of electricity. I have actually been loosening my tanks on my batteries - it really does give a better vape!

I learned that by listening to Dave Dorn on The Haze Hour, last night!  See from 24:45 min in. But the whole show is entertaining and worth watching - it only begins 13min in......

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