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Friday, 18 April 2014

Making time for vaping in a safe place

The strange thing about vaping is that it hasn't got a grip on me like smoking cigarettes had. Not physically anyway. When distracted, I often don't think of vaping. But I used to plot my smoking all the time. I don't know if you were the same, but I used to HAVE TO HAVE my fag when out and before I was even arriving, I was computing where I could go to smoke and praying there was someplace at the venue whatever it was, where I could have a smoke. I was always delighted to find another despised sod cowering behind a bush, or round the corner also having a smoke. We always greeted each other like long lost friends. The comradie amongst smokers is fantastic, I rather miss it.

I don't get the bonded feeling when I have to hide in a bush or sneak around a corner at all the new places that now ban vaping. In the bush or round the corner, I find  the usual despised sod who is smoking. No longer are there fun cracks like "We're a dying breed aren't we? tee heee", or "We must stop meeting like this!". Instead, the despised sod looks at me with suspicious eyes as I pull out my PV. The conversation is different. Instead of simply enjoying my fag vape I find I am showing him/her my device. Or, the despised sod says one of two things. Either "I tried those - bloody useless" or "Lot of good it did you, you might as well just have a fag out here with me/us."

I'm going to vape on the loo at whatever venue I'm at, instead. At least I will have time to vape quietly, peacefully and without judgement. Sod the bans.

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