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Sunday, 11 November 2012

10 steps to dripping

I am a tank person. I like tanks because I feel (rightly or wrongly) that I get a purer flavour from my eliquid without it marinading in wadding. But recently, I have been dripping.

This is my DIY method for dripping on an overspent vaping budget with no money to buy the proper thing.

Prepare your old single coil cartomiser for dripping.

1 take the bung off old carto
2 get your tweezers and grip the wadding (not the centre post)
3 TWIST the carto slowly and firmly not letting go of the wadding - hold it tight
4 after a few twists, even though you are not noticing anything spectacular, gradually pull up and out.
5 the wadding will slide out caught in your tweezers and the centre post should be unaffected.
6 congratulate yourself - mission accomplished
7 chuck out the wadding
8 insert drip tip
9 screw your dripping carto onto your battery
10 drip 3-5 drops of eliquid down the driptip - blow down it - vape

I have to admit the flavour is doubly scrumptious - but what a pain to have to drip, vape, drip.
But a huge advantage in dripping is that you can change flavours at a whim and you aren't stuck with a tank of disappointing stuff.