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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Vapers unite!

I have just written my blog for today on my "Life on an Alien Planet" Blogspot. Why I mention it is that I was reminiscing on the vital energy and enthusiasm that was in the world during the sixties. Historically, the only other time in modern history that it really felt it was "the good time" was in the 1920's. It was not just something that happened to people individually - the enthusiasm and optimism bubbled over into the whole of society. People felt empowered.

There is nothing like it today. I write my blog "Life on an Alien Planet" because the lack of this uplifting optimism makes me feel I am living in a strange place - a weird and different planet, where civil objection/unrest seems only reported if it is politically correct. My children mostly think how they live now is normal - but they are mistaken. I think many people reading my blog (s) will think they live in a "normal" society - but they are mistaken too.

The main reason this time is not like the 20's or the 60's is that people have been bludgeoned and brainwashed into conformity by the biases in their governments have put into legislation "for our own good". The "fuck you" attitude of the 20's and 60's is missing. The mainstream media reports what it is manipulated to.

If vaping is going to be banned by the WHO and the EU because it "looks like smoking", then us vapers are in trouble. Vaping will become the victim of the Tobacco Control Industries' attempts to eradicate smoking off the face of the earth (see my blog).

I think, if we want to avoid being run over in the eradication process, we have to become very LOUD, very ACTIVE. We might be forced to PROTEST like we used to in the 60's. We need some part of the press on our side. We need to expose the lies that are appearing about vaping.We need to be prepared to defend ourselves.

Some vapers are already doing this. Thank you! We need to support them as much as we can. Unity is strength.