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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Corporatocracy and vaping

I am hoping that more and more people will realise that many things about the world we live in have been "manufactured" by powerful groups of people under the influence of greed. Take the social engineering that has switched a world of smokers to self righteous non-smokers, and made smoking behaviour unacceptable.  Nicotine became the "demon" and, no wonder. It is cheap and easy to make into NRT by Drug Corporations, and so, profits can be diverted from Tobacco Corporations to Drug Corporations under the guise of Tobacco Control Corporations. I don't think this is a conspiracy theory - I think it's the truth. I think vaping and all things vaping are being legislated against for the same reason.

I haven't made up my mind on 9/11. Every conspiracy theory movie seems correct while I'm watching it! There is something VERY strange about 9/11! We saw a BBC News report "live" telling us building seven had collapsed when it was still standing right there behind the reporter. It's psychic news? Recently, I have wondered whether there is much information that is not manipulated in some way by the media.

My friend was vacuuming her house when she saw the twin towers falling on the TV. Without sound, she thought is was another disaster movie and turned the set off. It was only that night on the above mentioned BBC News broadcast, she realised it was real. 

So I believe everything and nothing!

I think a lot of events are staged - or "allowed" to happen - Pearl Harbour for instance. Every disaster can be used to the advantage of Corporations (every Government and Government department like Police, CIA, MI5, Army (etc) is a Corporation.

This "corporate" idea is quite new in History. It changes society from democracy to a Corporatocracy society  'Democracy' disappeared many years ago. Governments are purely puppets of the real people in power - the Corporations. Most Corporations are focused on profit. They will do anything, good, bad or indifferent to further themselves.

I think that's why Presidents and Prime Ministers become visibly shriveled shells of their former selves. They realise they are only puppets, out of their depths.

Corporatocracy is our real enemy, the real terrorists, the real rulers in Governments and sculptors of world history. And the reason why there is a war on drugs, smoking, electronic cigarettes and food and rampant promotion of consumerism encouraging our search for happiness they tell us we should have on one hand, and remove from us by legislation, with the other.

Well that's what I think anyway.

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