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Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Test your nicotine myth addiction

I have been blogging about nicotine addiction, mine really, and noting that since I vape, I do not go insane for a "fix" as I used to when I smoked. My panic and desperation if separated from my cigarettes, was so awful that I simply changed my life so I would never have to face not being "ALLOWED" to smoke. My worst nightmare was having to go to hospital, being frightened and ill and not being able to comfort myself with a fag.

All that has changed. I just did this test as how it was when I was a smoker. My result was an 9 -  YOU ARE VERY STRONGLY DEPENDENT

I have redone it as I am now.  I scored 4 -  YOU ARE NOT OR ONLY SLIGHTLY DEPENDENT

Try it yourself - as your old self the smoker, and your new self as a vaper.

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