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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Cringeworthyness of rich and poor smokers/vapers

The last two days I have written about the stuff that makes our stomachs twist observing the extremely rich  or extremely poor. Just thinking about it, evokes emotion. It's cringeworthy.

Extremely rich smokers, with the power of their money, are able to simply smoke. They can arrange their lives so their smoking habit continues almost as normal. Private air travel, private hotel suites, booths in clubs and restaurants,  bribes, payments and a bit of manipulation makes life for a rich smoker rather less stringently uncomfortable than anyone not so privileged. They can afford to smoke, price no problem, and laws that grip the poor man, hardly apply.

A poor person, is the one who cops the persecution and suffers the cost.

There are many extremely rich  and powerful people who could nudge governments and legislators away from the futile aim of eradicating smoking altogether and abusing us in the process.

But why should they? The rich and powerful will always be able to smoke.

Many extremely rich people have changed their brand to vaping. In the event that electronic cigarettes are banned, they will carry on vaping.

Again, those without money will feel the pain. Real life is experienced by the poor - smoking was once a simple comfort. Vaping could be too if the busybodycringeworthyhealthindustry just left things to pan out on their own.

Do you think there will be extremely rich smokers/vapers prominently demanding their right to smoke/vape in an illegal smoking/vaping future? 

Nah? Me neither.