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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Preparation gone bonkers

Last night I lost a tank. A green clearomiser filled with Hermano Rubio. I took it upstairs to put it on a recharged battery for today - out this morning -  so I use a 650mAh battery when I'm out.  Preparation is essential for happy vaping.

But when I came to put the tank on the battery - no tank. No tank anywhere! Not in my pockets, under the bed, in the bed, or on the bedside table. Not finding my tank even spoiled my day today.

Till now.

I still haven't found the green tank. But I have discovered a really happy fact. Vivi nova atomisers, of which I have many prepared (at low resistance) also fit rebuildable clearomisers, of which I have more than Vivi nova tanks.

So now

I am vaping Hermano Rubio  in a clear rebuilt Clearomiser, and I hope the green one will decide to show itself to me when it's ready.


  1. I'm sure you'll find it when your not looking for it. It happens to me often.

  2. I was in the same state two nights ago ..When I thought I had lost one of my spare UltraFire 3000 Mah Batteries for my Volcano Lavatube V2...I was out a battery until I found it being I was charging one...It had come to be by my bed on the floor...I was so relieved upon finding it!