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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Preparation gone bonkers

Last night I lost a tank. A green clearomiser filled with Hermano Rubio. I took it upstairs to put it on a recharged battery for today - out this morning -  so I use a 650mAh battery when I'm out.  Preparation is essential for happy vaping.

But when I came to put the tank on the battery - no tank. No tank anywhere! Not in my pockets, under the bed, in the bed, or on the bedside table. Not finding my tank even spoiled my day today.

Till now.

I still haven't found the green tank. But I have discovered a really happy fact. Vivi nova atomisers, of which I have many prepared (at low resistance) also fit rebuildable clearomisers, of which I have more than Vivi nova tanks.

So now

I am vaping Hermano Rubio  in a clear rebuilt Clearomiser, and I hope the green one will decide to show itself to me when it's ready.