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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Different motives in vapers which include e-cig users and dual users and e-cig users using e-cigs to quit.

So, how I see it, there are vapers which include e-cig users and dual users and then there are e-cig users using e-cigs to quit.

I think in my post There are vapers and electronic cigarette users - different animals 
I should have made it clear that the motive is the thing that makes these two groups different animals.

There are loads of electronic cigarettes being sold for "quitting". People buy them to quit smoking. They are very successful for quitting. It's the idea that vaping is only a step in a smokers journey to free himself from the terrible enslavement of smoking that will endear e-cigs to anti smokers. These are the electronic cigarettes that Tobacco Control will support. Their dream is a world free from smoking.  Medical e-cigs will have a dual benefit, money in the coffers of the drug companies, and a delicious feeling of victory to lifestyle sculptors and do gooders.

Vapers, those vapers which include e-cig users and dual users who have the motive of continued vaping are going to be their nightmare. It's us that are going to cop it because we don't WANT to quit. 

I'm a child of the sex, drugs and rock n roll generation. We are proving to be a damn nuisance because of our hardiness. Many of us are smokers. It took me a long time to admit that banning smoking indoors was a good thing, unless indoors was full of consenting smokers where banning it became a most illogical step. It is an illogical law in our modern technological age where air purification is so easy to do, not to provide smoking rooms. I recently went into a pub where I gagged on the stink. It was better when smoking was allowed there.

To stop people smoking outdoors, in buildings open to the air like train platforms, parks, outdoor events etc is not logical. It was this skewed thinking that made me understand that we are not working towards public health, but towards a whole eradication of smoking. We are a society now guided by the insane.

So, if the anti smokers get their way, which they have terrifyingly done in one generation, they will not want vapers whose motive is NOT to quit, to carry on vaping.

I believe that people should have autonomy in what they do when it affects no one else but themselves. Second Hand Smoke has been the trump card for making people conform to interference and society to allow this intrusion into smokers rights. And smokers do have rights. They have the right to smoke a legal product, tobacco. I feel really angry that the anti smoking movement have perpetrated an act of violence on society in the name of health. It's not about health, it's about power and vengeance, profit and greed.

 Vapers which include e-cig users and dual users who want to continue using, by their motive, will be a problem to anti smokers, precisely because we don't WANT to quit.