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Thursday, 28 March 2013

VT Talk 27.03 The EU and Glenis the Menace - excellent listening for vapoteurs in the UK

I am a real fan of VapourTrails.TV. If you live in the UK, it's a gateway into things that are happening here and vaping. Most episodes are worth watching, but VT Talk 27.03 The EU and Glenis the Menace, is especially good. It uplifted me, depressed me and inspired me.

Please listen. Please decide what YOU can do to keep your autonomy despite the impulse by politicians to to legislate, legislate and ban, ban, ban.

Evidently Glenis Willmott is important in that she is  Labour's EU MEP and sits on The Tobacco Directive Commission. She is an ignorant lady and she represents US. We might be able to politely educate her. Remember also to tell your personal story to your MEP and MP. you can do that easily on "Write to them" (but remember doing it that way, you will NOT be able to embed any live links which is a great pity.)

Glenis Willmott
Harold Wilson House
23 Barratt Lane

Tel 01159229717
Fax 01159224439


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