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Saturday, 16 March 2013

54mg of nicotine

I can't believe it! Im really cross with myself. It's already after three o'clock and I just got in from walking the dog and I remembered I forgot (again) to order my e juice components.

I need Propylene Glycol and Vegetable glycerine and a 54mg bottle of nicotine.

With this I will mix my base e liquid to 12mg or 18mg strength without flavour so that I simply add it to my tanks plain and add the concentrate flavour in drops.  Actually, it's ok to just vape it plain - and I often do if my taste buds are tired.

I would never dream of vaping the 54mg strength nicotine mix! It would blow the top of my head off! In fact I mostly vape 12mg strength.

How would you know if you had overdosed on nicotine? Well, you would develop a headache, nausea and you might feel jittery with a racing heart. I don't think you could fail to notice! Fortunately, I must be a strong old bat - I can even vape 18mg at night and still sleep like a baby!

My heart doesn't race often - life doesn't make it skip a beat. Though it used to - once - in the good old days.  I get excited at the thought of climbing into bed, and watching TV in my Jim jams. And vaping! That's what makes my heart skip a beat nowadays.