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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Vapoteurs take care....

Thank goodness we have some wonderful people batting for us vapoteurs. We need to be aware of the clever tricks played by our enemies.

In this blog, I ranted about the "fact" that Plain Packaging was coming to the UK. But evidently leaking a "fact" (which might not be true) is a dirty trick employed by Tobacco Control. The headline in the Guardian has gone viral - and now is in every country. UK is introducing plain packaging!

I find that idea - of using an inaccurate headline to make something appear to be happening, when it might not be - very deeply and profoundly disturbing. It is happening with vaping too. Every case of it should be challenged. Who will challenge the Guardian on behalf of all those people who have fought against plain packaging?

If plain packaging comes here, this is how it impacts on business:-

New Research Confirms Retailers’ Plain Packaging Fears

• 90% of small retailers experienced increases in time taken to serve tobacco customers and 75% report additional time is spent communicating with these customers about tobacco products.
• 73% faced increased frustration from adult tobacco customers and 59% have seen an increase in the frequency of staff supplying the wrong products primarily due to difficulty in recognising and distinguishing between brands.
• Nearly half of small retailers consider that plain packaging has negatively affected the level of service they are able to provide their non-tobacco customers.
• The large majority of small retailers find it takes more time to order stock and around 80% have experienced an increase in the occurrence of out of stocks since the transition.
• The majority of small retailers reported that their staff now have a heavier workload.
• Almost two-thirds of small retailers have spent additional time training staff as a result of the changeover while 40% have faced additional costs from training staff members.
• Two-thirds of small retailers do not perceive that Government considers the needs of small businesses at all in its tobacco legislation while the same amount report their feelings towards the Government are now less favourable as a result of the plain packaging legislation.
• 77% of small retailers said plain packaging is having a negative impact on their business overall.
• Small retailers are concerned that plain packaging will result in an increase in illicit trade.
• Couriers delivering stock face longer waiting times in store, a loss of productivity and potentially increased costs.

Isn't this criminal? Such disregard from Governments, such foolishness.

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