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Friday, 8 March 2013

Frank Davis - quite right.

I really like Frank Davis' blog. This one recently Only Obeying Orders seems to collect up a lot of the frustration I feel about "regulation" that interferes with living our lives in freedom such as ">> and introduce plain packaging. And minimum alcohol pricing. And smoking prohibitions within 20 km of any public building. And windmills. Lots of windmills. The kind that kill off millions of bats, before spectacularly catching fire. And extra dim lightbulbs. ‘Progressive’, ‘cutting edge’ extra dim lightbulbs."

Ha ha!

Especially about light bulbs. The whole nation has by legislation banning incandescent bulbs,  to be irradiated by light bulbs that emit frequencies untested on humans over long periods of time.  We are the guinea pigs. Light has a huge effect on us emotionally and physically. But, our government is just obeying orders! Who cares if you sit in your little dim lounge, struggling to see in the half dark in frequencies of light that make areas of your cornea blind- you can watch the telly instead!

I hate the dreary, depressing low energy light bulbs.  They demotivate humans. I would love to know if they have made much difference to the energy Europe uses. In 2009 the EU predicted "Such a move will reduce energy consumption for domestic lighting by 30% in Europe. As such lighting accounts for 14% of the overall energy used in Europe, an increase in energy-efficient lighting could save more than 80% of the energy used through traditional incandescent light bulbs." I wonder if it has?

I wrote to the eight MEP's who represent my area in the European Union.  I wrote to them about the seriousness of legislating on the nicotine content of eliquid and the error in making electronic cigarettes medical devices. Only three MEP's replied, and one acknowledged receipt of my letter only. 

My MEP's are not exactly active! I bet no one spoke up about the low energy light bulb experiment and they aren't going to challenge the gobbledegook produced by the Tobacco Control Directive presented on the 25th of last month either, are they?

The EU is our master and we obey while our MEP's, exhausted by nightly bathing in unnatural frequencies from their CFL's, sleep in their chairs in Brussels!