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Thursday, 21 March 2013

EU talk talk for vapoteurs

I have just been listening to the EU Tobacco Directive debate. Oh dear -  talk talk talk.  Why not just make smoking illegal and ban tobacco and tobacco farming and close down all tobacco companies? Why on earth don't we have a war on smoking by just making smoking and everything connected to it illegal?Any revenue lost by this, could be made up in prosecutions.  We could have smell police out on the streets with little SHS detectors snooping round the community - or black vans on the end of streets monitoring the poisons that smokers release into the air and closing in on them in Tobacco Control Dawn Police raids. We could have citizens reporting on each other - committed phone lines for reports - rewards even - medals for those who catch the most offenders.

Imagine the illegal tobacco growing and trafficking?

The trouble with smoking is - it smells - that's the whole problem if it went underground.

I must say, all my years of smoking (50) I never smoked anything with flavours added - not even menthol. I can't imagine what chocolate cigarettes taste like. I do know, my cigarettes tasted good! Somebody said smoking should be made as unpleasant as possible to the smoker. Well, in the Napoleonic war, soldiers looted for books. They needed the pages so they could wind their tobacco in them for a good smoke. There was no Tobacco Industry then - and smoking was still good.

We should IMPOSE educating children against smoking in all schools in all countries someone said. That offended me. Already children are stressed if their parents smoke, expecting them and themselves to drop down dead at their next breath. Poor little things. Induce enough fear and they will not smoke. Show them medical violoporn pictures so that illness and death is burned in their psyches and the psyche of the world. Fortunately, a speaker actually pointed out that the EU cannot IMPOSE anything n any country, it is not their remit. I hope the UK will note that fact.

No one said anything really helpful about electronic cigarettes except make them medical devices. Well I don't consider myself to be an electronic cigarette user. I'm a vaper - a vapoteur.

They might come down hard on us.

Well, vaping doesn't smell. That is the most wonderful thing about it! Anyone can have a sneak inhale almost anywhere. And it wasn't invented by the tobacco Industry so there has been little lying or cheating about it - yet. If tobacco was completely outlawed (which it won't be) nicotine exits in other plants too and, to let the imagination run riot, we might be able to extract it in secret stills hidden under our sinks from - say - tomato leaves. Glycerine and Propylene Glycol is used for so many things it's hardly likely to be banned and the same with food flavourings.  Oh well - the talk talk is over - I didn't hear anything I haven't heard before.

But I just wonder about the repressive culture we live in today with loads of little people all puffed up with civic duty, yakking on and on, in committees and Governments and Parliaments and Federations and Political meetings all over the world about smoking and electronic cigarettes being banned, controlled, and otherwise meddled with, with absolutely no consultation with the smokers and vapers concerned.And all to save our lives!

I do think that vaping as we know it - i.e. hobby vaping with substantial devices and all the fun whistles and bells attached to it, will not go away. We are too resourceful. Too passionate about "our" thing. Well I am. And I hope so.


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