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Monday, 11 June 2012

Advancing technology - listen up!

I very much fear that the kinds of electronic cigarettes being sold in outlets like Tescos, Asda and Spar are already out of date in technology. They certainly can't give an unsuspecting user who buys them a really good experience of vaping. In fact they are just as likely to put smokers off vaping for life!

The same applies to any electronic cigarette trying to pass stringent regulations for use as smoking cessation devices. It takes so long in all the hoo-ha of trials, and applications to authority, that it is quite possible that newer technology will make them a laughingstock.

I would hate that. I do hate that. I hate the fact that lots of stuff advertised as "UK's best" or "UK's most popular" or "UK's best selling" simply makes me ashamed.

My very first experience with an antediluvian product in 2009, put me off vaping for two years! What I see being sold in some shops are no better than that.

Listen up people - get up-to-date with what you offer for sale - I want to feel happy about it.