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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Uh- uh -no more parping around

I am finding out what like and what I couldn't be parping around with any more.

I LIKE tanks. I have been using tanks exclusively because I couldn't be bothered to parp about filling cartomisers any more - or constantly wondering if they need a few more drops or not.

I don't drip - I would be constantly rummaging around with e liquid and, although he hasn't complained, I rummage enough with my vaping things that I'm amazed my poor husband hasn't said anything.

I LIKE tanks because you can see the future in them. If they are full, that means you have a future.

I like tanks that don't LEAK whilst filling them. I have such excellent tanks at the moment that I have forgotten how messy filling a tank was in the past. I just resurrected one of my first tanks. Uh - uh - what a mess! I had to scratch around to find my tissues and baby wipes which I haven't used for weeks, to clear up the drizzle and get the greasy feel off my battery.

Uh- uh -no more parping around for me They can be relegated to my vaping museum, there's much better stuff around.