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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I wish it had nothing to do with me

I wish this damn telecommunications pole about to be erected on our back doorstep had nothing to do with me. I wish I could just sit on my couch and watch telly and vape!

Trouble is, if we all did that, no protests would ever happen. It's a bother. It's an intrusion. It's a nuisance - but I offered my help. I hate it when the big animals eat the little animals, offering them "consultaions" so the little animals can raise objections and then just ignoring the objections as if no one lived here and no one was affected - as if we had all been digested already.

When this great intrusive, ugly mast has been erected in this place which is supposed to be a place of great beauty supposedly protected by the National Park - the agent of this action and NOT protecting us at all, I can say I did something.

Sitting on my couch, watching telly and vaping is just not enough.