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Thursday, 14 June 2012


A while back, we heard a yell from a visitor staying with us, as she wandered into the bathroom for her morning ablutions. She'd squelched onto a rabbit carcase in her bare feet. Now we warn all visitors of the dangers of stepping onto mouse livers at the door, or bluetit gizzards on the stairs.

This morning, as I sauntered into the bathroom carrying my PV for my usual comforting vape whilst communing with nature, it happened to me. No, there was no carcass and I did not step on anything. I settled down and drew in deeply on my favourite morning flavour. Heaven. Comforting. Comfortable. Happy. Until my gaze encountered a dissected bunny-eyeball at my feet with its pupil focused on me!

Were is the rest of the bunny? Well, inside the cat I suppose.

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