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Monday, 25 June 2012

Easy Chair Lonely vaping

Good blogs should be written regularly I hear. I have taken time out to do other stuff - like suffer! Due to a horrible twist of fate, I have been unable to get to my proper dentist  - long story! But the fact is, our dentist is at a practice that is also a teaching facility and MY dentist has been away. My tooth is driving me crazy with pain, but its a "special job tooth" and, due to total lack of courage and confidence in undergoing treatment by some unknown student dentist, I am waiting - and suffering - until MY dentist gets back.

Nighttime is the worst! About half an hour after putting my head on the pillow I "hear" the niggle in my tooth like a newborn in the night that goes "ahuh" and you KNOW it no good lying there hoping the sound will go away because it won't. The twinge just increases to full blown suffering. I have to sleep sitting up and because I'm up and down, up and down, I usually take myself off to the guest room where I can prop myself up into sitting position on the sofa-bed.

But last night, I came downstairs and slept in a chair with my feet on another chair. The chairs, newly acquired through freegle (free stuff) are called "easy chairs", pink, old fashioned, well made and - would you believe it - comfortable! I ate cherries and a banana and drank half a cup of milk with a massive dose of painkillers. And for a while I sat there in the partial dark, thinking about all the others in the world somewhere making their own lonely pain vigil in the night. I vaped.

And then I slept soundly for a whole wonderful three hours.

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