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Friday, 15 June 2012

Weeee! - tank-mania

I suppose you could say I'm suffering from tank-mania. This is a psychological condition that affects vapers who are still learning. Having found something that appeals to them, they play about with it in vape-heaven-on-earth whilst weighing up, tasting, listening, and descerning the benefits of this aspect and the drawbacks of some other aspect. This is an essential part of learning about vaping.

Tank-mania has affected me quite significantly. I have come to know that you DON'T have to hear the tank gurgling to, in fact, have a satisfactory draw. A tank needs not be noisy. Crackling does not indicate a good tank - only a noisy one!

Some of the best vapes I am having on my tanks, are quite silent and no eyes would turn in my direction in a crowd if I vaped with it.

Some of the best vapes with tanks - not of the dual-coil kind, can be had on a small 650 mAh battery pushing out less volts. The flavour is what it really is all about. Some e liquid needs to be gently heated rather than blasted to get the best flavour. Different batteries can give a different perfect flavours - the poor man's variable voltage practise.

A big tank is not better than a small tank - but a translucent tank is better than one you can't see into.

Tank technology is bounding forward - what I thought was the bees knees two months ago, I now consider antediluvian. Wow - watch my hair fly back as we move into tank future! I like what's happening to me now - the future's going to be fascinating.