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Sunday, 3 June 2012

How amazing is that?

My husband has re done our kitchen. What a mess! But it's all over now. Not only that, but our daughter is moving out (again) back to her new flat in preparation for her last year at university. All this to-ing and fro-ing has meant numerous visits into the attic to find things.

So with the traffic pretty heavy up there in the roof, I thought I'd go up too and search for my summer clothes which have got lost. Each year, I pack them away in a suitcase to over-winter. I can't imagine where they are because the suitcase I usually use is empty!

I scrummaged about for a good long time and found a bag in which were all my old smoking things. What a surprise. I forgot I'd put them up there. There were rolling papers, filters and almost half a pouch of my favourite tobacco. What a find! Was I tempted? I'm astonished to say that the idea of having a smoke never even popped into my head. I sat on a little stool we have up there and vaped instead.

How amazing is that?