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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'll die waiting but I'll vape while I do!

I bought a new camera because movie-making is a hobby for me. I have made humble videos on pets, storms, sunrises sunsets, solstices, waves, bumblebees, ferry trips and family events. My Kodak did well for several years. Mostly, in the past, I have edited in Ubuntu.

So, I have a new camera and this morning I made a video on my little vapingpoints and a delivery today from cloud9vaping. The filming took about five minutes. Editing it badly on a new video editor that came with the camera,  that lagged, froze and otherwise drove me crazy took all day! It was terrible, confusing, bad and horrible in fact, so I converted the files and edited them on Windows movie maker (XP) which, for simple quick jobs is still the best. I  don't need fancy - I just want easy!

I'm thoroughly sick of that video.

Stupidly I converted it back to an AVI format which is now taking so long to upload to you tube I'll die waiting! But at least my vivi nova tanks are working beautifully on my Switchback and I'm happily testing them out.