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Sunday, 15 July 2012

No one to trust - vapers be aware

 This is a longer post than usual...but we vapers need to observe and realise that a lot of us have been "hoodwinked" by the anti-smoking lobby too.

I have been watching the new incentive to stop people smoking in their cars. I read the second hand smoke statistics and I have this awful gut feeling that we are being lied to, being manipulated, being proffered "twististics" of enormous distortion. This was recently confirmed by the rubbish published by our very own British Medical Council and the delight I felt at their exposing.

Where are the death cetificates of those who die of second hand smoke? All we are told is that people are severely affected by second hand smoke and then develop smoking related ilnesses that cost Governments millions. We KNOW that? How would you answer the vexing problem that implies the anti smoking twististics are poppycock? A smoker who becomes ill, or someone who has inhaled second hand smoke is suffering from "smoking related" illness because of some link to smoking?  Everything becomes "smoking related".

This is the thing. If it is really the case that you can vitually "drop-dead-from-a-wiff " of SHS or that simply trying cigarette smoking ruins you for life as I have read, where are the millions apon millions of smoking related and second hand smoking related deaths that SHOULD be happening NOW? In my generation, most people smoked. they smoked around others, in cars, in trains, in cinemas, in offices, in their homes, in front of their children. The whole world was full of second hand smoke. We were smoke pickled!

Why is our world now filled with baby boomers, offspring of virile smoking parents who pickled them and themselves in smoke too, and why are our children not all dead?

I think the world is much better now that we are not pickled in smoke. I would rather my grandchildren did not smoke, it's expensive and foolish and NOT good for health. I would not promote it.

But I think our world is not better off now that we use science to twist fact or produce studies that pronounce on guestimates and untruths. This is far more dangerous than smoking. For now we have no one to trust.

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  1. Uncomfortable truths are preferable to comfortable lies any day, well said!