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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Vaping and onions for the flu

This was from Snopes during flu season a few years ago - Cut Onions

So I tried it on myself.

I used an onion on a fork standing up in a glass last year when I thought I might be incubating flu - but the onion didn't go black....It occurred to me that the idea of it drawing viruses and bacteria might not be correct - I was aware of breathing in onion fumes - the lungs can be used to absorb medication - as in asthma pumps, vaping and smoking so I feel there might be something to it - we already know onions have medicinal properties - and the best cough syrup in the world is onion sliced into a teaspoon of brown sugar in a bottle - it makes 'juice' which is an excellent cough syrup. Old wives used to put sliced onions into bed socks whilst sleeping at night for colds and flu - the skin on the feet absorbs the onion chemicals, whatever they might be.

I would like to see results of clinical trials about onions .......but you can't copyright onions! So no one's going to do that. But flu season is on it's way and I might try it again if I get it.

Excepting I'm expecting my vaping to do a good job protecting me too!