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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Vaping the Pole away

I have blogged before about this blinking pole - no - great big telecommunications mast that the planning office is requested to allow here in our "protected" place - a National Park. I don't really want to be involved. But I am - toughees to me. At the first meeting at The Parks Authority I calmed my annoyance by vaping in the loo - I think I might be the first, maybe not, but I hope so.

The next meeting was postponed while the enemy re-grouped - and I projected my mind into the future to imagine myself camping out in front of the diggers and construction teams to block their entry into the road. I worked out how long my batteries might last and who would recharge them should they need to be.

Recently, the application again came up. The vote was unchanged. 10 against out of a twelve person committee. And the call for an INDEPENDENT investigation on technology better than that of the ruddy great beast proposed, was passed.

The Councillors are aware of the petitions, the letters and the rage of the people.

I have railed against the loss of democracy in this country - the UK - and the fact that new regulations enact that no one may refuse the onslaught of modern telecommunication - even in a National Park.

We have at least a six months rest period while the new investigation gets off the ground - but the big bullies are appealing the decision - and evidently, we won't have any input in that.

The Red Indians evidently believed that smoke from tobacco took messages to the great One. Well, I'm sticking messages that we may overcome the pole into my vapour -  it's got to work I reckon.