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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Vaping myself young

I do not want to turn into a frizzled-up, mean, sour mouthed anti-smoker. I took great delight in smoking. Smoking has been one of the most pleasurable habits of my life. I know it is to many people and it is their choice if they want to go on doing it. It's not my place to judge. The persecution of smokers and the criminal subliminals they have to live with when they open a pack of a perfectly legal product is bad enough already. They are the abused. I am not going to support that abuse, but reject it too.

I replaced smoking with vaping because I wanted the pleasure to continue. I vape because I'm intrinsically a smoker. It is my opinion that all vapers are smokers that vape.

I loved smoking the best, when everyone did it without shame - when I was young.

I love vaping as much as I loved smoking - more so I think, because the hobby is full of choices, exciting technology and I am seeing history happening before my eyes. All really new things are wonderful in the beginning before regulation removes the spontaneity of it.

I am vaping in vaping's youth. I think I am vaping myself young

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