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Friday, 13 July 2012

Loud flavoured eliquid.

I have mixed a batch of e liquid that has no flavour, but lots of vapour. I usually vape low nicotine - but I upped the nicotine to about 12mg in my new flavourless mix. Let me assure you that even vaping this is very comforting.

The day before yesterday I comforted myself when I sliced my left hand index finger with a knife in the kitchen.

Yesterday I comforted myself when the dog's lead burned holes in my right hand index finger and thumb.

And today, I comforted myself after I tripped in my own garden and fell into a stinging nettle I didn't know was lurking in my abundance of weeds.

Am I telling myself something symbolically? I look like something out of a comic strip with sticking plaster all over.

But right now, I have changed to my very favourite flavour - my own mix of cream, waffle and almond because I am celebrating having glasses again. I've just picked them up from the optometrist in the next town.

Now I can see what I'm doing, I might injure myself less.

But my flavourless e liquid has made my palate think that my flavours are too - can I say - loud. Is that possibe? Maybe a vape on a flavourless mix is a good way to clean the palate? Experiments will ensue......