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Sunday, 29 July 2012


I've been sorting my stuff. I seem to have hundreds of boge type cartos - some unused. I use tanks mostly now - so they must go into the archive.

The only cartos I am using currently are the low resistance ones I got with my AIO from Sherwood Vapers. They are REALLY good - and I use that ecig with often - small, simple and satisfying.

The tanks I currently use are my JACtanks from JACVapour - which are still going! And my Vivi Nova's from cloud9vaping.

It is nearly my birthday! One year in August that I bought my first device from JACVapour. Astonishingly, I have only thrown out one small battery that was hissing at me in a frightfully unpleasant fashion that scared me. I am ashamed to say, it went into the trash where it will be hissing at the trash men, and thrown into a landfill where it should NOT be.

And I've chucked out cartos. But even so, I have found some of my first - which are probably working because they are all clean and fresh smelling.

I soak the sugars and chemicals out of my tanks and cartos quite a bit - they seem to last for ages - either I am a mug and using stuff that's failing and I'm too daft to notice, or else, to stop the atties burning out, getting rid of the coating regularly is a good idea? What do you think?