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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My world of vaping is not like my world of smoking - uh uh

Smoking was so boring in hindsight. Every few weeks I'd just buy my Cutter's Choice pouches, paper and filters, enough to last about the month. The "big excitement" was when I discovered American Spirit which I smoked happily for a couple of years - a COUPLE OF YEARS! SOS for a couple of years. I loved smoking. I never watched review videos on American Spirit, though I suppose there are some. I never stalked forums, followed press releases or met anyone else who bonded with me because I smoked their brand.

I didn't care what type of papers I used as long as they held the baccy in place. I never did anything different. And I did that for almost 50 years, well 49 and a half to be exact. It never occurred to me to change because I was comforted by what I had. MY brand was what I smoked - I was very loyal. Before I changed to home rollies (in the UK because of the astronomical tax on tobacco) I smoked Rothmans by the ton. Also, when we traveled, you could buy them worldwide.

My vaping life is colourful, fascinating, developing, interesting, challenging. In "the community of vapers" I find I have friends out there I never knew before. They all feel like old friends because they are smokers, just like me, who have been impelled into a new world full of interesting happenings, flavours, devices and dreams for the future. Ain't that great?

My world of vaping is not like my world of smoking - uh uh