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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Vaping and onions for the flu

This was from Snopes during flu season a few years ago - Cut Onions

So I tried it on myself.

I used an onion on a fork standing up in a glass last year when I thought I might be incubating flu - but the onion didn't go black....It occurred to me that the idea of it drawing viruses and bacteria might not be correct - I was aware of breathing in onion fumes - the lungs can be used to absorb medication - as in asthma pumps, vaping and smoking so I feel there might be something to it - we already know onions have medicinal properties - and the best cough syrup in the world is onion sliced into a teaspoon of brown sugar in a bottle - it makes 'juice' which is an excellent cough syrup. Old wives used to put sliced onions into bed socks whilst sleeping at night for colds and flu - the skin on the feet absorbs the onion chemicals, whatever they might be.

I would like to see results of clinical trials about onions .......but you can't copyright onions! So no one's going to do that. But flu season is on it's way and I might try it again if I get it.

Excepting I'm expecting my vaping to do a good job protecting me too!

Monday, 30 July 2012

Oooo nooo! Hope I can vape in heaven?

What a foul taste! No doubt about it, one of my tanks has just died. What a pity - I loved it. And it looks good, but it ain't good. Sorry old thing - but our paths are now separating. You are going into the trash.  But there's a bit of life left in ME yet, so I'll stay here. I have a good few vaping years left - I hope. But when I ain't good and I too need trashing, I truly hope there's vaping in heaven when I get there!

Sunday, 29 July 2012


I've been sorting my stuff. I seem to have hundreds of boge type cartos - some unused. I use tanks mostly now - so they must go into the archive.

The only cartos I am using currently are the low resistance ones I got with my AIO from Sherwood Vapers. They are REALLY good - and I use that ecig with often - small, simple and satisfying.

The tanks I currently use are my JACtanks from JACVapour - which are still going! And my Vivi Nova's from cloud9vaping.

It is nearly my birthday! One year in August that I bought my first device from JACVapour. Astonishingly, I have only thrown out one small battery that was hissing at me in a frightfully unpleasant fashion that scared me. I am ashamed to say, it went into the trash where it will be hissing at the trash men, and thrown into a landfill where it should NOT be.

And I've chucked out cartos. But even so, I have found some of my first - which are probably working because they are all clean and fresh smelling.

I soak the sugars and chemicals out of my tanks and cartos quite a bit - they seem to last for ages - either I am a mug and using stuff that's failing and I'm too daft to notice, or else, to stop the atties burning out, getting rid of the coating regularly is a good idea? What do you think?

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Do you think she'd try vaping too?

I thoroughly enjoyed the Olympic Opening Ceremony after the first shock of wondering what the hell was going on!

I began to pay attention when the Industrial revolution arrived - the set was great and it suddenly occurred to me that the whole show was a British Brag Bash.

My nearby family were all assembled in our lounge to eat drink and be merry. We were and we did.. I vaped and ate happily in my corner - and laughed.

I really dislike the Chariots of Fire theme - but the one last night, with Mr Bean, was the best I've ever heard. And to think the Queen skydives! wow - what an entrance. No other country has a queen like that. He he.

Do you think she'd try vaping too? 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Who will vape at the Olynpics?

Smoking is banned in the ticket section of the Olympics. But the athletes can smoke in their smoking pod. Wonder how comfortable vapers will feel vaping - especially if some ignoramous thinks they are smoking. Whether we like it or not, we are tethered to smokers anywhere where smoking is banned, and even where it's not. 

Wonder how many athletes will vape in the smoking pod?

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

NHS and vaping - please get it right!

Once, hearing aids on the NHS were considered old fashioned and inferior to ones bought privately. I know of people who simply dropped these old devices in their dressing table draws because they didn't “work” well.

But, overnight, it seemed, the digital hearing aids provided to UK citizens, the latest technology at last, have made these devices absolutely great! I have hearing aids like this – and I couldn't imagine my life without them. They are wonderful.

So, when the NHS in the UK seriously looks into upgrading their Nicotine Replacement ideas, I hope they do it properly. So far, the drug companies have been making a killing on patches, gum or inhalers that are supposed to help smokers. I'm sure some smokers are helped, but the success rate of these things in stopping people smoking has been very poor. I have always thought of them as a kind of scam, promoted as being successful – but really simply a way of transferring funds from the Tobacco Companies to the Drug Companies. And the NHS as being pretty dim in squandering millions.

Just like the hearing aid transformation, I am hoping the NHS will “get with it” and promote a decent NRT that WORKS! This can be done easily and successfully by offering smokers electronic cigarettes. Trouble is, I can see a problem if the devices offered are old fashioned and so eviscerated by scientists who are not smokers in an attempt to be “medically correct” that, they, like the old fashioned hearing aids, will fail to be successful.

The new digital hearing aids prove that the NHS CAN get things right. Lets hope, if they decide on a vaping device, they choose one that is modern, properly adequate to use and REALLY works! I hope they are clever enough to consult vapers themselves and not only be "guided" by the companies who are hoping to clinch the deal. It's our money they're spending, and they've wasted enough already!

Monday, 23 July 2012

Vaping in the county

I am a country yokel leaning against a tree vaping instead of chewing on a piece of grass. I am counting the number of sheep in this field. There are 58. They look bloody cold. They are all sheared to translucent pink and they have red ink on their rumps. I hope their wool grows again quickly 'cause it's not hot. Every sheep is lying down - every one! Are they trying to get warm? Well, I don't know, I'm not a farmer - only a country yokel, vaping under a tree, looking.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Vaping ignorance gagged me!

Last week I found this inaccurate article published in The Times of Malta - Beware Electronic Cigarettes   As you can understand, my hackles rose and I sent in several very long and detailed comments on how the journalist who wrote this could have done research to educate themselves and also not promote untruths!  Unfortunately the Times of Malta practise censorship and my comments were not posted.

If the anti-vaping lobby (the same as the ant-smoking lobby) gag us - we will have no chance.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Drink, drink, drink

I've been having real problems with my eyes. I find, by the afternoon, I am struggling to see properly. Yesterday, I had an inspiration. I wondered if my eyes were dehydrating in the afternoon and evening and so trouble me even though I am on new prescription glasses (old frame) due to vaping.

My inspiration was triggered by this link which was one of the waves I surfed on yesterday  - The water Cure

Here is a link debunking it - The Water Cure Debunked

So yesterday I drank water - all day. I hate water. But it was worth it! Yesterday my eyes were fine!

If you vape - drink, drink, drink!

Friday, 20 July 2012

UFO's make Geoglyph

I am having a lovely day, doing my favourite things - vaping and finding an Internet wave to surf.  I haven't thought about crop circles for ages - but I am reminded that I am a believer. This morning I came across this -  Geoglyph photographed in 1990. Never heard of it before. Mmmm...pity there was no Internet or Twitter then. I would have loved to have seen this on You Tube.

 But I don't think these happen "naturally" Uh uh - they are made by UFO's. Yup.

Thursday, 19 July 2012

Vapingpoints for the Vapefest

I got a gift - well two gifts - reject vapingpoints from Fulgorine.
I asked her to make some for me to bring to the vapefest. They are useful little things and they lurk all over my house in the places I dump my devices. So I thought to bring some down with me on the 25th. Luckily she gave me two she  proclaimed were rejects. I didn't argue I just thanked her!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Vaping myself young

I do not want to turn into a frizzled-up, mean, sour mouthed anti-smoker. I took great delight in smoking. Smoking has been one of the most pleasurable habits of my life. I know it is to many people and it is their choice if they want to go on doing it. It's not my place to judge. The persecution of smokers and the criminal subliminals they have to live with when they open a pack of a perfectly legal product is bad enough already. They are the abused. I am not going to support that abuse, but reject it too.

I replaced smoking with vaping because I wanted the pleasure to continue. I vape because I'm intrinsically a smoker. It is my opinion that all vapers are smokers that vape.

I loved smoking the best, when everyone did it without shame - when I was young.

I love vaping as much as I loved smoking - more so I think, because the hobby is full of choices, exciting technology and I am seeing history happening before my eyes. All really new things are wonderful in the beginning before regulation removes the spontaneity of it.

I am vaping in vaping's youth. I think I am vaping myself young

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Vaping the Pole away

I have blogged before about this blinking pole - no - great big telecommunications mast that the planning office is requested to allow here in our "protected" place - a National Park. I don't really want to be involved. But I am - toughees to me. At the first meeting at The Parks Authority I calmed my annoyance by vaping in the loo - I think I might be the first, maybe not, but I hope so.

The next meeting was postponed while the enemy re-grouped - and I projected my mind into the future to imagine myself camping out in front of the diggers and construction teams to block their entry into the road. I worked out how long my batteries might last and who would recharge them should they need to be.

Recently, the application again came up. The vote was unchanged. 10 against out of a twelve person committee. And the call for an INDEPENDENT investigation on technology better than that of the ruddy great beast proposed, was passed.

The Councillors are aware of the petitions, the letters and the rage of the people.

I have railed against the loss of democracy in this country - the UK - and the fact that new regulations enact that no one may refuse the onslaught of modern telecommunication - even in a National Park.

We have at least a six months rest period while the new investigation gets off the ground - but the big bullies are appealing the decision - and evidently, we won't have any input in that.

The Red Indians evidently believed that smoke from tobacco took messages to the great One. Well, I'm sticking messages that we may overcome the pole into my vapour -  it's got to work I reckon.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Chummy vaping.

It is late.  Or rather I am in bed still and should have been up an hour ago.  I am on my bed with the cat and the dog which is strange enough in itself.  Recently there has been apartheid in this house. We have to keep them separate. For some reason the dog and cat are not speaking. We think they had some kind of real serious tiff unobserved by us - they do squabble occasionally - but something really serious must have disturbed their usual trust. So,for the sake of world peace, I am staying in bed till one of us gets up!

This is not too tedious as I love my bed and I am vaping my favourite eliquid and watching the rain trickle down the windows.  Chummy to say the least.

Sunday, 15 July 2012

No one to trust - vapers be aware

 This is a longer post than usual...but we vapers need to observe and realise that a lot of us have been "hoodwinked" by the anti-smoking lobby too.

I have been watching the new incentive to stop people smoking in their cars. I read the second hand smoke statistics and I have this awful gut feeling that we are being lied to, being manipulated, being proffered "twististics" of enormous distortion. This was recently confirmed by the rubbish published by our very own British Medical Council and the delight I felt at their exposing.

Where are the death cetificates of those who die of second hand smoke? All we are told is that people are severely affected by second hand smoke and then develop smoking related ilnesses that cost Governments millions. We KNOW that? How would you answer the vexing problem that implies the anti smoking twististics are poppycock? A smoker who becomes ill, or someone who has inhaled second hand smoke is suffering from "smoking related" illness because of some link to smoking?  Everything becomes "smoking related".

This is the thing. If it is really the case that you can vitually "drop-dead-from-a-wiff " of SHS or that simply trying cigarette smoking ruins you for life as I have read, where are the millions apon millions of smoking related and second hand smoking related deaths that SHOULD be happening NOW? In my generation, most people smoked. they smoked around others, in cars, in trains, in cinemas, in offices, in their homes, in front of their children. The whole world was full of second hand smoke. We were smoke pickled!

Why is our world now filled with baby boomers, offspring of virile smoking parents who pickled them and themselves in smoke too, and why are our children not all dead?

I think the world is much better now that we are not pickled in smoke. I would rather my grandchildren did not smoke, it's expensive and foolish and NOT good for health. I would not promote it.

But I think our world is not better off now that we use science to twist fact or produce studies that pronounce on guestimates and untruths. This is far more dangerous than smoking. For now we have no one to trust.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Witnessing vaping history

Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik invented the ecig as we know it in 2003 and the company he worked for, Golden Dragon Holdings, introduced the idea to the market in 2004.. This company changed its name to Ruyan (meaning "resembling smoking"), and only started exporting its products in 2005–2006 before even receiving it's first international patent in 2007. Recently, “resembling smokng” has announced it has changed it's name once more to - or registered this as a Domain from which several other sites are hosted.

I find this interesting – the history of a concept transforming to an entity in its own right, a transformation occurring before our eyes. “Resembling” becoming a “thing” in its own right called an ecig. A thing that doesn't have to resemble smoking but a thing you can use that is a pleasurable hobby all on its own.

The original ecig just looked like a fake cigarette. We see them now in all colours, shapes and sizes. It doesn't have to be a fake anything. “Smoke” doesn't have to taste like “smoke”, it can be chocolate, apple, or any flavour we like – including tobacco. Ecigs have freed us from the constraints of having to simply burn leaves rolled up in paper. They have released some of us from the boredom of smoking, to doing something else that's fun.

I tried my first ecigs in 2009. They weren't fun. They were messy and tedious – and cheap looking. Technology has embraced the idea of vaping and is producing better and better devices. It is making devices that are far safer, less messy and less easy to target with criticism from the anti-vaping mobs.

It is easy to understand how alarmed our guardians are in health and government as they observe the wildfire spread of ecigs in only a few years and the sophistication of the devices we use as they evolve. We are witnessing history, WE are infused with vision, but others are wondering what the hell is happening!

Friday, 13 July 2012

Loud flavoured eliquid.

I have mixed a batch of e liquid that has no flavour, but lots of vapour. I usually vape low nicotine - but I upped the nicotine to about 12mg in my new flavourless mix. Let me assure you that even vaping this is very comforting.

The day before yesterday I comforted myself when I sliced my left hand index finger with a knife in the kitchen.

Yesterday I comforted myself when the dog's lead burned holes in my right hand index finger and thumb.

And today, I comforted myself after I tripped in my own garden and fell into a stinging nettle I didn't know was lurking in my abundance of weeds.

Am I telling myself something symbolically? I look like something out of a comic strip with sticking plaster all over.

But right now, I have changed to my very favourite flavour - my own mix of cream, waffle and almond because I am celebrating having glasses again. I've just picked them up from the optometrist in the next town.

Now I can see what I'm doing, I might injure myself less.

But my flavourless e liquid has made my palate think that my flavours are too - can I say - loud. Is that possibe? Maybe a vape on a flavourless mix is a good way to clean the palate? Experiments will ensue......

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Vaping can be a pain in the country!

Picture this - I have just said goodbye to my friends and I have my dog on a 7 metre very thin cord-like extendable lead. I am happy. My friend has just taken up vaping and we've been talking the talk. I have been showing her the AIO e-cig. I have it in my pocket, and as we wave goodbye I pop it in my mouth with my right hand because my left hand doesn't work properly due to stroke damage many years ago. So my left hand - with no fine co-ordination, is holding the steering wheel for the 7 metre very thin cord-like extendable lead.  I am drawing on my PV. It is sunny - ie not raining, which, for a start is quite remarkable here. I am happy. The dog looks happy next to my legs.

Suddenly, a chicken breaks from the bushes on the left. It runs off forward of us squawking its head off. One second surprise. Dog is sharp and loves chasing chickens. So it does. We are all propelled forward attatched  to the 7 metre very thin cord-like extendable lead which is instantlty extended to its full 7 metres.

There are loud sound. Chicken sqawking, dog barking, me yelling "leave" leave" to no avail. Suddenly, the chicken turns and runs back past me with dog behind. I have the presence of mind to trip the dog with my foot and grab the7 metre very thin cord-like extendable lead in my free right hand sustaining bad rope burns in the process.

Chicken disappears. Dog is severely admonished by me. And I retrieve my PV from the bushes.

Vaping can be a pain in the country!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Trying to understand what has been happening...

If you want to really try to understand what has been happening in the UK Vaping world, take the time to listen to all of this interview with Jason, even though it's long. It's worth it.

Vaper's Place interview with Jason Cropper

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Uh uh - no man does that!

Women are wonderful at multitasking. Men might think they are too - but I have seen no evidence for it.

What man could suddenly cope with finding his new video editor had suddenly developed a mental aberration, discover that he had accidentally deleted Windows Movie Maker because he hated Windows Messenger that was also all tangled up in Windows Live,  download a new Windows Movie Maker, find that his computer was s-o-o  s-l-o-w, it could do with a Windows 7 re-install, which he began, switched to an XP OS on another computer to complete editing the movie, upload it to You Tube, network the link, recharge his PV battery which was failing, take the dog out on a lead in his own garden because it's now chasing the cat, put the baby grandchild he is babysitting down for a kip and then look after it in it's playpen, while a frozen pie is crisping off nicely after 45 minutes in the oven, ready to eat for supper at six o'clock at the same time that the reinstall is all done and a brand "new" computer awaits.

Oh yes - and answer the phone three times and sound calm, serene and happy on it.

All in one afternoon!

Uh uh - no man can do that and remain sane.

Friday, 6 July 2012

I have vaped my head off laughing

I have been delighted with yesterdays terror alert.

By now people are laughing at the UK all over the world. But besides THAT shame which we are mostly used to now as we are frequently laughed at, what a wonderful promo for electronic cigarettes! Everyone also has found out there IS such a thing. And the passing busybody who phoned the police will never forget.....

I have vaped my head off laughing.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Bitching and moaning

I just can't get the hang of my new video editing software - it hangs and bumps constantly - or even freezes completely. I have even set it on compatibility with Windows 2000 - but no joy. It's running on XP because my laptop jumped off the arm of the sofa and killed itself recently. It's been in intensive care and is evidently risen from the dead. It's coming home this afternoon I believe.

If it can take my camera software editor, I'll try it in preference to Windows 7 movie maker. I cannot understand why Microsoft always fixes thing that ain't broke! For absolute simplicity, you can't beat XP movie maker.

I'm interested to see Windows I can bitch and moan about that too...

Feels good.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

My world of vaping is not like my world of smoking - uh uh

Smoking was so boring in hindsight. Every few weeks I'd just buy my Cutter's Choice pouches, paper and filters, enough to last about the month. The "big excitement" was when I discovered American Spirit which I smoked happily for a couple of years - a COUPLE OF YEARS! SOS for a couple of years. I loved smoking. I never watched review videos on American Spirit, though I suppose there are some. I never stalked forums, followed press releases or met anyone else who bonded with me because I smoked their brand.

I didn't care what type of papers I used as long as they held the baccy in place. I never did anything different. And I did that for almost 50 years, well 49 and a half to be exact. It never occurred to me to change because I was comforted by what I had. MY brand was what I smoked - I was very loyal. Before I changed to home rollies (in the UK because of the astronomical tax on tobacco) I smoked Rothmans by the ton. Also, when we traveled, you could buy them worldwide.

My vaping life is colourful, fascinating, developing, interesting, challenging. In "the community of vapers" I find I have friends out there I never knew before. They all feel like old friends because they are smokers, just like me, who have been impelled into a new world full of interesting happenings, flavours, devices and dreams for the future. Ain't that great?

My world of vaping is not like my world of smoking - uh uh

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

I'll die waiting but I'll vape while I do!

I bought a new camera because movie-making is a hobby for me. I have made humble videos on pets, storms, sunrises sunsets, solstices, waves, bumblebees, ferry trips and family events. My Kodak did well for several years. Mostly, in the past, I have edited in Ubuntu.

So, I have a new camera and this morning I made a video on my little vapingpoints and a delivery today from cloud9vaping. The filming took about five minutes. Editing it badly on a new video editor that came with the camera,  that lagged, froze and otherwise drove me crazy took all day! It was terrible, confusing, bad and horrible in fact, so I converted the files and edited them on Windows movie maker (XP) which, for simple quick jobs is still the best. I  don't need fancy - I just want easy!

I'm thoroughly sick of that video.

Stupidly I converted it back to an AVI format which is now taking so long to upload to you tube I'll die waiting! But at least my vivi nova tanks are working beautifully on my Switchback and I'm happily testing them out.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Little vapingpoints.

I have a gift from Fulgorine - what she calls vapingpoints. They stop my PV's rolling off the table - I love them! Here they are - 

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Shortie drip tips for my switchback

Now its July, I can spend something on what I want. I want shortie drip tips for my switchback. I like drip tips but all mine are too long to fit onto my switchback so that I can use the cover too.  I would use it more that way I think - with tanks of course.

Switchback testing time is here  - as soon as the postie arrives!