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Monday, 6 January 2014

Fake Charities ASH - Smoking must be eradicated. Vaping is smoking. Smoking must be eradicated. Vaping is smoking. Smoking must be eradicated. Vaping is smoking.

 In the UK. we have an incredibly strange system of Lobbying Government by "Charities". If you want to know how this works, SOCK PUPPETS is worth a read. This is the PDF that took me several days to get through. It's absolutely worth the time for education if you are that way inclined! It will stop your heart bleeding every time someone asks you to give to their cause and induce sense into your charitable giving. Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation send their(our) money to ASH.

The Tobacco Control "Charity" ASH has just been disbanded in Australia and Holland. It's about time it met that fate here in the UK. Trouble is the Tobacco Control Industry, like a virus in the body of society, has picked up an immunity to the antibiotic of truth, and cannot be eradicated. The mania of it that underlies anti vaping is the example of how Tobacco Control, needing to protect its future must invent more and more “conflicts” with which it must "battle" in an attempt to more deeply infect the societal body that it has already weakened. Smoking must be eradicated. Vaping is smoking.

I would celebrate if ASH UK was disbanded here. They've been a really evil bunch for smokers - are they wolves in sheep's clothing too in that they "appear" kinder to vapers? I don't put any hope in them. They are Tobacco Control and they will HAVE to toe the line and promote e cigs as NRT. Smoking must be eradicated. Vaping is smoking. Smoking must be eradicated. Vaping is smoking. Smoking must be eradicated. Vaping is smoking.
This is the situation on ASH UK. Enjoy!

"Fake Charities" is a very interesting read! "We define a Fake Charity as any organisation registered as a UK charity that derives more than 10% of its income—and/or more than £1 million—from the government, while also lobbying the government. That lobbying can take the form of calling for new policies, changes to the law or increases in (their own) funding." I

Fake Charities (Scroll down the web page if you go to it)

Alias: Action on Smoking and Health Limited (old name )
Activity: ASH is an organisation which provides information on all aspects of tobacco and works to advance policies and measures that will help to prevent the addiction, disease and unnecessary premature death caused by smoking.

Income: £935,093
Accounts: 31 Mar 2010
Registrar: Charity Commission 262067

ASH was created (and funded) by the UK government in 1971 to campaign against smoking, since no significant grass-roots organisation existed to do so. In the period 2004-06, they led the SmokeFree Coalition which successfully lobbied the UK government to overturn its manifesto commitment to exclude ‘wet’ pubs and private members’ clubs from the smoking ban. This coalition included real charities such as Cancer Research and the British Heart Foundation alongside other fake charities such as SmokeFree North East and D-MYST.
Currently campaigning for plain-packaging of cigarettes and a ban on the display of tobacco in shops. E-mails released under the Freedom of Information revealed that ASH colluded with the Department of Health and Cancer Research UK to mislead politicians about the likely cost to shop-keepers of the display ban (PDF).
ASH employs YouGov to conduct its opinion polls. YouGov’s president, Peter Kellner, is a trustee of ASH and has publicly campaigned for the tobacco display ban.


[chart percent=22.5]
Its 2009/10 accounts show a total income of £935,093, of which:

  • Department of Health: £210,000
  • Total £210,000 (22.5% of all income)
The remainder of its income comes from ASH International (part-funded by Pfizer), Cancer Research UK and the British Heart Foundation.

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  1. Lets be honest
    In a truly modern Democracy based on Liberty,Freedom and Choice
    rackets and shroud wavers like ASH, CRUK and BHF could not exist

    The Ferryman