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Monday, 13 January 2014

Do we want Vapeasys or do we want FREEDOM?

A smokeasy (also spelled smoke-easy or smokeeasy) is a business, especially a bar or drinking venue, which allows smoking despite a smoking ban enacted as a criminal law or an occupational safety and health regulation. The term is also used to describe locations and events promoted by tobacco companies to avoid or evade bans on smoking. The word was added to the New Oxford American Dictionary in 2005, although it was used as early as 1978. It is a portmanteau of smoking and speakeasy. (Wikepedia)

The more I hear of the insanity of banning vaping, the more I think, in the end, well have to be using vapeasys. These would be venues that allowed vaping even if it should become illegal by law because "It normalises smoking" and therefore should be done in private. Smokers are not even safe in their own homes nowadays, yet smoking is "normal" to almost a quarter of people.  Smokers have no rights, no voice, are never consulted by Public Health and are today's lepers. It's a modern crime.

Tobacco companies in the USA are going to have to publish apologies for the lying and cheating they have done in promoting their killer product. And I think their product IS a killer. It is not tobacco, it is a fake thing with added chemicals and manipulated into a poisonous item.  It partly got that way with the nagging of Big Tobacco and so filters and "Lights" were evolved. Real tobacco is a pretty rare thing and not something easily obtained by the public.

I think Tobacco Control should also be forced to apologise for THEIR lies and THEIR cheating too.  They have been as devious and immoral as Big Tobacco in their drive to eradicate smoking and their lies about Second Hand Smoke. And the activities at the EU are disgusting.Thank you Clive Bates for fighting for us.

So they are  doing it with vaping. It must be terrible indeed to admit that all your hard work since the 1960's has been in vain and accept that people still like smoking. We like it so much that we have a new kind of smoking that is just as satisfying, friendly, shareable and fun as smoking ever was. If the Vaping Police ever ratchet up their persecution of vapers, they'd be in deep shit. A Vapeasy  would be odourless. People could simply stick their PV's anywhere comfortable in an instant. There would be no smoke on the breath or clothes to give us away. In Smokeasys there are no ashtrays, only cups of "tea" into which you drop your butt in times of emergency. We wouldn't even need that!

In the UK, the need for a normal social life for smokers where you can relax and be yourself has resulted in the growth of "Smokey Drinkies" on private property in people's sheds. Invitation only affair. When I go out, I usually vape discreetly and even stealthily - but it's MUCH nicer to be your normal self, in a halo of vapour. I can understand how smokers enjoy "Smokey Drinkies".

I loved smoking - and smoking with smoking friends was socially delightful. I love vaping just as much. I know smokers, so I vape with them, but I know no vapers - I am all alone. If the shit hits the fan for vaping, I hope someone will invite me to their vapeasy. In the meantime, if you are in the EU please sign this Initiative  and please share EVERYWHERE!

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