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Sunday, 5 January 2014

Mayor Bloomberg! Not gone - but EVERYWHERE!

To Tobacco Control, Bloomberg is a hero. His millions will keep the Industry going, and going, and going.

His last act before stepping down as Mayor of New York will reverberate around the world. He banned e cigarettes.

Fiona Godlee, editor of the BMJ that "helps doctors make better decisions"! says in
Hold the line against tobacco 
"How should we view e-cigarettes? As a safe and effective way to quit tobacco? (There is some evidence in support of these claims for harm minimisation.) Or as a grave risk to public health because of their potential to renormalise and glamourise smoking, especially among young people? New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg has made his own view clear. In one of his final acts before leaving office, he has banned the smoking of e-cigarettes in indoor public places (doi:10.1136/bmj.f7677).Bloomberg’s track record on public health has been extraordinary. Although his critics charge him with failing to tackle New York’s rampant social inequalities, there is no doubt he has provided global leadership in public health. "

Bloomberg established the Bloomberg Initiative with billions to keep the fire of Tobacco Control burning.

About the Bloomberg Initiative 
The four major objectives of the Bloomberg Initiative are:
1. To refine and optimize tobacco control programs to help smokers stop using tobacco and to prevent children from starting.
2. To support public sector efforts to pass and enforce key laws and implement effective policies, including taxing cigarettes, preventing smuggling, altering the image of tobacco and protecting workers from exposure to secondhand smoke.

3. To support advocates’ efforts to educate communities about the harms of tobacco and to enhance tobacco control activities that work towards a tobacco-free world.

4. To develop a rigorous system to monitor the status of global tobacco use.
The Bloomberg Initiative to Reduce Tobacco Use is implemented though five partner organizations: the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Foundation, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the World Health Organization and the World Lung Foundation.

The Bloomberg Initiative Grants Program is co-ordinated by The World Health Organisation and provides funding to government ministries and agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) (aka Lobby Groups), civil society organizations, and universities in more than 40 countries. Bloomberg has not gone, he LIVES - everywhere!

WHO "This initiative, funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, is committed to the scaling up of tobacco control efforts in developing countries where the health burden from tobacco use is highest. Working with other partners in the initiative, WHO is playing an important leadership and coordination role in assisting countries with the implementation of effective tobacco control interventions in line with best evidence and policies.

All the "evidence and policies" will stack up AGAINST US. I point out AGAIN, that to promote Tobacco Control IN ANY WAY, is committing suicide for vapers. I will not promote the lies and ideology.

Enjoy this video! Watch to about 15.58 min. It's a 2002 video on Dodgy Science - and since then, things have got a whole lot WORSE but I see Audrey Silk there - thank you Audrey for your recent courage on our behalf.  Bloody Bloomberg!

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