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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Dear Mr Cameron - a marvellous plan for the UK! Do share to Downing Street.

The Government is short of money I believe. I've thought of a brilliant solution!

Why not get The National Health Service of the UK to STOP buying useless NRT pharmaceuticals which they vainly dish out free to obstinate smokers, and allow the consumers of tobacco to simply continue smoking and deal with themselves, themselves, by having the opportunity to buy their own 2nd and 3rd generation electronic cigarettes and so ease your financial problems? You will save the Government TONS! And you can still tax smokers.

"In the 2011-12 financial year the Government spent £88.2 million on the stop smoking services in England plus an additional £66.4 million on medicinal aid" (ASH fact sheet)

Oh, I forgot! Disband ASH too and all the other expensive front men for corporations that you pay for - ASH alone would save £210,000. I'm not sure how much in total you give out to Lobby Groups. Don't you think they should all be abolished - they are
very expensive and not democratic are they?

And another idea that might help, would be to reassess the smoking ban. The economy might resuscitate itself - it's been in the doldrums since then. And back off of introducing the very expensive "plain packaging"scheme whose shameful pictorial self fulfilling prophecies will make us all sicker quicker. And imagine the VOTES you'd get for the next election! You might even win.

That way, you would save oodles of money,  and stop wasting ours. We could get back on track in the UK and perhaps attend to important things like happiness and Flood Defenses.

Isn't that a MARVELLOUS plan?