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Monday, 27 January 2014

What can we DO for vaping? God only knows! Know the enemy first.

We are having a conversation over on Facebook about what vapers can DO for vaping. I believe our enemy is the same enemy that so successfully put their program in place against smokers. This post is to show you how they did it. I believe the same prohibitive tactics will be used against vapers because we could completely destroy "The Industry". The  tobacco control movement has generated an enormous profit for itself, employing millions of people. It is a partner to the pharmaceutical industry. It's drive has cost Governments more financially in putting their ideology in place, than if smokers had been left alone to smoke.  It has cost greatly in terms of money and suffering. It will fight for it's life.

Some vapers think we have the moral high ground because vaping is not as harmful as smoking. We do not have the moral high ground because though vaping is not burning tobacco, it is a filthy dirty nicotine addiction. To an ideology like I present below, vaping IS smoking and needs to be stamped out. These people do not think harm reduction, they think extermination. There's a big difference. Tobacco control has already infiltrated every area of society - none is free of it. The anti smoking cult is vast.

I point out that smokers were not able to defend themselves from this onslaught because they were filthy stinking addicts and all aspects of society were made to think that too - including smokers themselves. It was deliberately engineered. We are nicotine addicts - in the eyes of the ideology, that is no better  - we are nicotine "addicts" and they are, as we speak, making plans to eradicate vaping. The delight to me is that despite the goal of eradicating smoking by 2000 - it didn't happen. Smoking is still normal for the millions of smokers that still smoke. We know that vaping will survive too. Our problems stem from the goals of the enemy.  Know the enemy!

By the 5th  Conference the anti tobacco movement had come of age, they became confident in their BEST weapon - the one everyone believes, even though the evidence at that time (and still isn't) was not available. Quote - A recommendation from the "Health Consequences" rapporteur called for more research in this [passive smoking] area, noting there was conflicting evidence in regard to lung cancer. Nevertheless, "passive" smoking will continue to be stressed, not only in connection with lung cancer, heart disease, effects on children, etc., but also as a major source of annoyance and irritation for nonsmokers. The "passive" smoking theme will be used even more strongly, particularly in the political-legislative arena. It is something that people generally find easy to believe (my underline) My source Rampant Antismoking Signifies Grave Danger: Materialism Out of Control

Read below the aims of the 3rd World Conference on Smoking and Health, June 2-5, 1975 (New York, USA)“The Worldwide Campaign Against Smoking” and its conclusions and you can see how they did it.

1975 Sir George E. GodberChairman, Expert Committee on Smoking and HealthWorld Health Organization (original document)

“I imagine that most of us here know full well that our target must be, in the long-term, the elimination of cigarette smoking…… We may not have eliminated cigarette smoking completely by the end of this century, but we ought to have reached a position where a relatively few addicts still use cigarettes, but only in private at most in the company of consenting adults.”

“First, I think we must ask ourselves whether our society is one in which the major influences exercised on public opinion are such as would convey the impression that smoking is a dirty, anti-social practice, spoiling the enjoyment of youth and accelerating the onset of the deterioration of age.”

“Need there really be any difficulty about prohibiting smoking in more public places? The nicotine addicts would be petulant for a while, but why should we accord them any right to make the innocent suffer?”

“…..described the way in which education against smoking was to be incorporated into the general programme of health education which is so well presented in the USSR.”

“Every smoker is a promoter of other smokers. The practice ought to be an enclosed one, not to be endured by the non-smoker in ordinary social intercourse; and no one should be allowed to use advertisement or any indirect means to suggest otherwise.”

“If we start with the view that we can begin to get rid of cigarette smoking from many communal occasions and that we can and should make it more and more difficult for the individual to smoke cigarettes in public, and if we can eliminate the false message of the advertisers, I believe we could have a rapidly cumulative effect…..There are plenty of weapons of persuasion, of restriction, of financial penalty by price and tax increases with which we could seriously hope to reduce the consumption of cigarettes by a substantial portion within 5 years.”

“A longer-term target would make cigarette smoking an undesirable and private activity within ten years after that.”

From the “Conclusions” section of the 3rd World Conference (original document)

COMPRESSED! More effort must be devoted to  pregnant women, medical schools, hospitals and in health insurance structures, anti-smoking education programs should be increased to include the non-smoker, business, industry, and employee organizations, international airlines, programs aimed at creating a social environment in which smoking is unacceptable .the utilization of the women's liberation movement, tobacco tax, all organizations and associations concerned with matters of smoking and health to set an example for the societies they serve, including the prohibition of smoking in their offices, or their conferences and workshops and on the part of any persons representing them professionally or officially at any function or activities, professional medical practitioners concerned with the health of children , the non-smokers rights of the unborn children, voluntary non-smokers associations be supported by all of the sponsors of this Conference, there be no areas for smoking for teachers or students in schools, a coordinated world-wide campaign against cigarette smoking would dramatize and emphasize this health problem that it's fashionable to be free from smoking, efforts be made to have tobacco manufacturers and smokers support an educational anti -smoking campaign, the purchase of mass media -- time and space, to create and produce anti-smoking material for mass media .start a new generation of health professionals who will provide a medical environment free of smoking, present health professionals must adopt good health practices themselves specifically not smoking, no cigarette smoking in the course of professional duties should be a condition of employment in health facilities those seeking admission to health career training facilities should agree not to smoke in the course of professional duties. health professionals as exemplars should use their influence to establish a "no smoking" policy at all professional health meetings, health professionals can help make the use of tobacco socially unacceptable,all forms of health (including prepaid health plans), accident, life and fire insurance be granted to non-smokers at rates appropriately adjusted to reflect their reduced risk status,  public education is needed to help create the ideal of a non-smoking oriented society, schools which train physicians nurses and other health professionals develop course materials on smoking and health the benefits of cessation, and methods for helping people stop smoking, students who smoke should be strongly encouraged by faculty members to stop, hospitals ban smoking in all semi-private rooms, wards, clinics waiting rooms cafeterias and other public places within the hospital and prohibit the sale of cigarettes on hospital property, restricting areas where smoking is permitted in public places will provide important incentives to those who are trying to stop smoking and to others who have stopped and require support to remain free of tobacco, as a part of national health policy the use of tobacco should be viewed as behavior that is destructive to self and to others and to implement this aspect of policy by appropriate legislation, regulation, and voluntary action, there should be a deliberate and systematic enlargement and guarantee of non-smoking areas in all public places including places of employment, non-smokers should always have the right to work in smoke free areas, the sale of cigarettes in vending machines drugstores, public transport and supermarkets, and other commercial outlets should be banned and restricted to government licensed tobacco shops, to develop comprehensive programs directed against the smoking of cigarettes and based on the recommendations of this conference and those of the WHO expert Committee on Smoking and its Effects on Health, Governments be urged to introduce legislation to require the production of cigarettes of low tar and nicotine content, there be progressive and regular increases in the tax on cigarette tobacco, to protect the right of the nonsmokers and to shield them from the hazards and irritations of passive smoking and  legislation include the banning of smoking in public places such as cinemas, libraries, shops, trains, buses, and conference rooms, senior government officials be urged to refrain from smoking in the exercise of their duties, general or family physicians be encouraged to take the initiative in anti-smoking activities in their role as exemplars in their communities, smoking by hospital visitors to non-smoking patients be prohibited .
That it be recognized by all organizations and associations concerned with smoking and health that the campaign against smoking is political and economic in character and requires decisions based on political and economic factors . As a consequence each government should appoint a special committee whose members have expertise in these areas .

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  1. Those who vape must come out strongly to defend it and try to show everyone that this is the best alternative to tobacco smoking. Otherwise, vaping will soon be under a vicious by those who benefit from the money-making tobacco industries.