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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

EFVI Initiative - Expressing the will of the many vapers in the EU: Please support it and share, share and share

I am supporting the EFVI Initiative I like it because it is dead clear. Vaping needs to be left alone as a consumer product so that we can continue "to live our rich vaping lives". THAT is what vapers want without doubt. That's what I want. That's the nub!

Also, there is no arse creeping, or brown nosing in this initiative. Smokers aren't stomped on either. It has one year to collect a million signatures. I think they can do that if they have helpful people like me and you to share, share and share.

By the time all signatures are collected, the European Parliament, no doubt, will have passed its hideous deformed Tobacco Control Directive. Other people like Clive Bates are fighting that from a corruption angle. But the European Free Vaping Initiative will be presented at a later date. This might be what is needed if the warped monster TCD  has taken us hostage by then. I am looking into the future.

Please read from the top of the page on the EFVI site and you can decide yourself if you, like me, likes the clarity and directness of it. It translates to many different languages. You need to fill in the form FOR YOUR COUNTRY. And submit. If you are living abroad, supply a valid address for your home country.

Here are some links - THE INITIATIVE
This is a wonderful active MAP - IT'S PROGRESS BY COUNTRY
(remember to refresh it) 

Our goal is to express the will of the many, who are already vaping, plan to vape, have a loved one who is vaping or someone who simply respects the values of private sphere and personal rights."

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