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Thursday, 2 January 2014

That's the way it SHOULD have been in 1999 - what nasty things have happened since!

My wish for 2014 (from Life on an Alien planet Blog) holds true for this Vapingpoint Blog too.

I am truly hoping that the lies and manipulations that Tobacco Control have used from the very start of their campaign, will become more and more obvious to the world.  Society was groomed in a very nasty way and smokers made lepers by the myth of the harmful effects of Second Hand Smoke.

I was interested to see one amazing piece of information that came through as a comment? at the end of Simon Clarke's blog which I have copied and pasted here.

The Editor
Letters page
The Publican

By fax: 0181 565 4465
ASH Action on Smoking and Health

7th June 1999

Dear Editor
Re: smoking in pubs

It is true that the Health and Safety Executive is developing a new Approved Code of Practice to deal with passive smoking in the workplace (Pubs face new smoking bans, Codeis a blow, 7th June 1999). All the ACOP will do is provide meaningful guidance on how the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) should be applied to tobacco smoke in the workplace. This law already exists and has no exemptions for the hospitality industry. The ACOP will clarify the law and help publicans comply with it.

A new ACOP would not mean that all smoking must be banned in pubs. The heart of the law is that employers have an obligation to do what is reasonably practicable to reduce their employees' exposure. That could include segregation,ventilation, banning smoking at the bar or other measures. It also means the 'donothing and ignore it' approach is not an option. The best approach for any pub is to wholeheartedly embrace the Charter agreed by the Government and trade bodies such as ALMRand BII and to do what is reasonable and practical to protect their employees. That is good professional business, and it should not be a cause for alarm, despair or resistence.

Yours sincerely,

Clive Bates

If this is a genuine letter, all necessary legislation was already in place in 1999. That was the way things SHOULD have been." should not be a cause for alarm, despair or resistence." HUH!

WOW! Speechless. What happened then? Something really, really nasty -  the build up to the final Smoking Bans that brought and still bring distress to smokers (and vapers), misery and loneliness, marginaliation and division and ruins the economy in many areas. It has been lethal.  Now smoking is banned in many places that originally escaped the ban - out doors, prisons, old people's homes. IT DOES NOT STOP!

What a terrible pity. If Tobacco Control hadn't become an abusive ideology as it has, still creeping into every crevice of life like the camel in the tent, Vapers would have had a different history and future.