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Monday, 20 January 2014

Obsequious twaddle by the TVECA

Thank you Clive for your constancy in the matter of e cigs.

Confused e-cigarette trade association supports e-cigarette regulation it opposes

"This is a letter sent to MEPs today in which an e-cigarette trade association displays its naivety and contempt for its customers, whilst not actually understanding the process it is involved in (2nd reading isn’t inevitable). Let me put a question to TVECA – all those things you list that you don’t like and make no sense… how are they going to change if the directive passes unchanged?"

Please read Clive's blog -  it got my blood up and my response is this following

This matter is so absolutely convoluted that few can actually figure anything out at all. It has embittered vapers like me, and engendered complete scorn for EU legislators AND MP'S here in UK who tell us we "should be pleased" with what we will be given! As I have said before, it all stems from the tunnel vision of Tobacco Control and the past skullduggery which they continue to practice currently.

Quote from the TVECA " We would like to use this opportunity to personally thank you for your efforts in reaching the trilogue agreement.
We are aware that certain stakeholders continue to lobby the Parliament to amend Article 18 or try to apply procedural tricks that would undermine the credibility of the agreement. Any amendment at this stage would automatically lead to a 2nd reading and mean an unhelpful step back. We believe this would be an insult to the co-legislators who have worked hard to reach this compromise

This is the most subservient, obsequious twaddle. It's about time people called a spade a spade. I think hand wringing in the face of blatant Tobacco Control ideology should stop and it should be exposed as the corrupt and vile thing it is.

Electronic cigarettes should have no place in the TCD.

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