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Friday, 23 August 2013

No Thank EU - Smokers and vapers please sign

I think the smoking ban has been devastating. I think the smoking ban will continue to mutate in the most disgusting intrusive blinkered monster that will affect even more poisonously the lives of people personally, socially and economically. 

On a personal level, the barrage of nocebos and repulsive pictures on cigarette packaging - especially plain packaging where they are bigger and the intention is to do more harm to smokers' psyches, will make more smokers sicker quicker and spill over into the community so that others will manifest the same illnesses. This is an absolute crime against our citizens. 

Socially the smoking ban has created thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of pariahs who are rejected by others because they smoke. This is the most vile discrimination put in place purposefully by Tobacco Control and our Rulers who co-operate with them. I can't think of any other instance where a person's way of life is so intruded into by those who disapprove. This has especially impacted on old people - my generation - who have retreated into their homes, like I did. Treating people like this is barbaric and happens in other countries - it is a criminal action on citizens in an "enlightened" country. 

Economically, how do we not know that the smoking ban has not caused the downturn in the UK economy? Pubs have closed by the thousands and thousands, one quarter of the population have been discriminated against even though we live in a modern country where air conditioning and air cleaning is practised in every restaurant kitchen, factories and hospitals, but cannot be allowed in pubs! This is criminal viciousness perpetrated by a colluding Government with an INDUSTRY called Tobacco Control. 

Plain packaging - or "standard" packaging as the euphemism is currently used will affect lots more people. I object to it because cigarettes are already hidden in the UK and next year will have to be in all the smaller shops too. What is the insane costly logic of putting cigarettes in grotesque packages as well as hiding them from everyone's sight? The criminal part is the affect on the minds of smokers who see the packs and all those who see them using cigarettes.

Smokers, in their struggle for at least some consideration from a culture of hate that envelops them, need support - even from vapers. I am unhappy that vapers forget their smoking persona and replace it with an anti smoking one. I am only a vaper by accident. But I am still an angry smoker by heart. The EU are not only acting against us, but also against smokers. What they are trying to do is yet another assault on smokers. I have already signed this petition and I hope you will too.

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