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Saturday, 10 August 2013

There is a place for plain electronic cigarettes - ROK ICON

There is a place for the plain and simple electronic cigarette. I have introduced several of my friends to vaping and although they have seen me using mods and egos with tanks, if I offer to help them on the Internet choose something nice for themselves, every one of them has ordered a lookalike electronic cigarette!

When I first started vaping, I ordered a black V3 from JACVapour in Edinburgh. I never wanted a white electronic cigarette because it would look like a cigarette. But I must be peculiar - I don't think like my friends. I have pointed out all the benefits of an ego battery and a tank, yet they have gone for looks rather than quality of the experience. I chatted about the ROK LEGEND a while back. I think it is a perfect starter kit - but it doesn't look like a cigarette.

I have just rewiewed - if you can call it a review rather than a rambling chat - the ROK ICON.  It is a beginner's pack for those who like their electronic cigarette to look like a cigarette. It's very nicely made, easy to use and well presented. My friends would have been happy to have it. It is exactly what they would have liked.