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Friday, 23 August 2013

Save ecigs - add your signature - click on your flag - we need to be STRONG.

This letter has been put up to collect signatures to take to the EU by the Save ecigs Campaign.

To add your signature, simply click on the flag of your country, and add your details. It's for friends and family of vapers. I am my own friend and family to myself - so sign - you are also your own friend and family. You will get a confirmatory email in your in box.

At the moment, it seems confusing with all the various petitions that are around. I just sign them all - including the ones anti anti-smoking!

I am weary of writing letters to MP's and MEP's and I think our local MP dreads meeting me. I'm either on about the criminality of infecting the nation's health with medical violence porn on plain packaging, or demonstrating vaping, or educating him on how next election I'm voting UKIP even though there is no UKIP in our area because they support reviewing the smoking laws and are pro-vaping.

The point is, it's wearying. But it's worth it.

First they came for the smokers - now they come for us.

If every vaper did something to protect their future, we'd be strong indeed.

Get active purrrleeze!


  1. Thanks Liz this is awesome! & thanks for all the tweets as well :)

    Would you be able to write a post for us, maybe about how your friends and family have benefitted from you switching to vaping?

    our e-mail account is :
    would be cool if you could....
    Thanks again -


    1. Yes - I will but you might not like it! I want to point out that I'm of the generation that watched all the lies and deceit pumped out by Ant-Tobacco Industry. The figures on most of their "scientific studies" have been fudged. I, personally did not like your letter so much because it is very anti-smoking. Smoking has been made into a thing that it never was - why do you think my generation, and my children, have grown up healthier than the children now? We smoked around them all the time. I am a vaper, but if people want to smoke - that's fine by me. Smoking hazards have been made up to suit the anti smoking groups, keep the drug companies in business and make jobs for loads of people. It's a good way to frighten people into submitting to the most intrusive regulation. In your letter, you play on that fear. The fear is real - the danger is mostly an illusion. I understand you are doing it to save ecigs. My changing to vaping has made very little difference to my family actually - they accepted a long time ago that I was NEVER going to give up smoking. Haha.