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Friday, 30 August 2013

Well done UK - no war - a miracle - Vapoteurs, we need another.

Last night I was really upset at the erection of the unsightly telecomunication pole we all fought against last year. All our efforts have been in vain. Furthermore, it has been put up in the most in-your-face place right in front of the houses, and not behind NWPower's own building where it would have been partially obscured. Its almost an act of revenge. We did, after all, hold it back for five years. Punishment has been metered out it seems. Our MP works very hard, he's now got this act of revenge to handle.

But last night, our MP was very very busy. He was too busy to think about the petty act of reveng on us. He was voting against our revenge on Syria.  And well done to him. He got hundreds and hundreds of letters asking him to do so. In this case Democracy has worked. No war. A miracle!

Tonight I feel better. Maybe, our letters, videos protests and actions will cause change for the future of vaping. So vapoteurs, vape on. Miracles DO happen.


  1. I thought you might be interested in this Liz.It looks like something that may be useful for the miracle you're looking for,

    I'd love it if the TPD just folded up on itself and went away. I somehow doubt that will happen, but there's no reason why every effort to make life difficult for the politicans shouldn't be a huge priority right now as they don't seem to care how hard and painful they make the lives of those they"serve".