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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Allergies/sensitivity in vaping - 100% VG the solution?

I made this video unasked because for those people who have allergies to Propylene Glycol, knowing you can get 100% Vegetable Glycerine e liquid might be useful.

I was under the impression that the PG carried the flavour and throat hit and VG was what made the best vapour. I thought that in VG alone, it was hard to make the flavour "stick". But I tried three flavours of this brand and they were all good. Using a slightly higher nic content was something unnoticeable to me - maybe I did feel I might be vaping less. But after all - I'm a chain vaper. 

If I use mostly PG e liquid, I get scratchy vocal chords and have to clear my throat a lot. Other people get more serious symptoms of incompatibility/sensitivity like sore throats or sores in their mouths.

When vaping, I forget to drink a lot of water. (Note to myself - drink more water!) Glycerine can dehydrate you. Because I hate water, I can go a whole day only having a random cup of coffee or two. I know I need water when I imagine my eyes can't focus properly. And maybe they can't. I used to notice that even before I switched to vaping. Maybe I suffer from shrivelled eyeball syndrome - it's a sign I need water! I then drink. I know I must, must drink more water. It heals a lot of things.

Of course, new vapers get all sorts of symptoms that might not be connected to either PG or VG - they are going through withdrawal. This is a good article on that. 

Not only are some people sensitive to PG or VG, but flavours can trigger the sneezes or a runny nose too. Vaping Fever instead of Hay Fever! Enjoy my video - made with love.

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