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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Hell freezes over.....

My survey showed that almost 70% of the 400+ people who did my survey, are PROUD to be non smokers. 70% vape openly.  About 3% of the people who did my survey woud like to stop vaping too,
None hate themselves for vaping.  Over 80% think vaping is safer than smoking and 9% are not sure. If vaping were taxed like cigarettes are, most vapers would continue to vape.

I was surprised that not more vapers ticked the box "I will continue vaping till hell freezes over" but it was a strange question. What does that mean - Hell freezing over? After all, Hell is never going to freeze over is it? - well I think it impossible - if there were a Hell. That would be just as astonishing to me as the fact that I no longer smoke cigarettes. I haven't smoked a cigarette for almost two years - that, for me, is a miracle.

And the most amazing aspect of it is I don't miss not smoking! Three years ago I would have told you I will give up smoking when hell freezes over -  i.e. NEVER. But look what happened. Hell has frozen over for me.

I vape openly mostly 281 191 67.97%
371 263 70.89%
408 286 70.10%
I am proud I do not smoke anymore 281 183 65.12%
371 256 69.00%
408 284 69.61%
I would like to give up vaping/smoking 281 7 2.49%
371 11 2.96%
408 13 3.19%
I hate myself for vaping 281 0 0.00%
371 0 0.00%
408 0 0.00%
I believe vaping is safer than smoking 281 221 78.65%
371 298 80.32%
408 328 80.39%
I'm not sure if vaping is safe 281 24 8.54%
371 31 8.36%
408 37 9.07%
I won't vape if it's taxed like smoking 281 17 6.05%
371 27 7.28%
408 32 7.84%
I will continue vaping till hell freezes over! 281 172 61.21%
371 230 61.99%
408 247 60.54%


  1. You're not alone!

    Since discovering vapedom I have no intention of giving up nicotine. Come blue moons, meds regs or hell freezing over.

    There's no reason I should.

  2. Fantastic point you've made there Liz and the same goes for me, if someone told me 15 months ago that I would quit smoking, I would have said" NEVER, NOT IN A MILLION's my one vice and I love it". Fact: I now know I didn't love it, I just wanted my nicotine, I know that I smelt horrid, that people saw me as a leper, my teeth were brown and I coughed like a man in his 90's who had been on 60 a day Capstan cigs since he was a 9 year old....but I LOVE vaping, and I didn't get chance to do your survey, but I would have ticked that box "I will carry on vaping until hell freezes over", because I will never give up my hobby, I too haven't had one single craving for a nasty fag! xx Thanks Liz, another excellent article x