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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Jewel of the NHS says e-cigs are another way of smoking and nicotine is "deadly" - the seeds of vegeance.

The Jewel in the NHS Crown is having a problem because less people are going in for stop smoking NRT from them. The reason they blame is e-cigs. E Cigs are another way of smoking - mmm - fancy. And people are inhaling the deadly poison nicotine!  I am astonished The Jewel is so ignorant. As a spokesman for the NHS, I hope someone in the NHS will bring them up to speed.

The whole problem of e cigs is that they ARE a different way of smoking. Vapers who dissociate themselves from this fact by trashing smokers and smoking are really playing with fire I think. Those who point out that, yes, vaping is the smoking of the future, but safer, are on more stable ground. The enemy to them is the same Tobacco Control Industry that has persecuted smokers. Remembering not to believe the fudged figures, the social brainwashing, and the lies and denormalisation pograms in the war against smokers by The Tobacco Control Industry, and also not to repeat them, makes the right attitude to fight the same enemy which is now ours too.

The nub of the problem is not that smoking is horrid - or even kills, or vaping is just smoking (and now causes cancer). The nub of the problem is the methods used by the anti smokers' lobbies that have caused Government intrusions into people's lives through legislation. Some of these - like no smoking in parks or train stations, or banning vaping outdoors - are frankly ridiculous and are about vengeance rather than health.

Vengeance is an ugly thing. Vapers, like me, are smokers who vape. The vengeance against smokers has been a hurtful thing which I have taken personally. It is vengeance against me.

If you think like a smoker and not be a part of the anti-smoking vengeance mob, which some vapers are, you have a better chance of defending yourself against the persecutors because you can see the lies and smudges in the pogram more clearly. Otherwise, you too, have just been taken in.

I believe the corruption needs to be exposed in the anti-smoking movement. People need to know they have been duped. If that does not happen, that movement will become an anti vaping movement too.