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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

What does my Vaping/Smoking survey tell me? Vaping makes us feel well - yes?

My survey is still ticking on. (you can do it here) But the % of attitudes are almost unchanged. I will be blogging some thoughts on it.

The clearest information is that 75% of vapers consider themselves to be "ex" smokers - that is, they do not consider themselves smokers. Most are not dual users.

Vapers are prepared to get their stuff on the black market if vaping is indeed medicalised. 60% This shows me a dedication/devotion angle to vaping by us vapers. I too will go black market. Ain't no one going to meddle with MY stuff!

And 80% of us feel that vaping is safer than smoking. Very few - 6% - preferred smoking.

Do we say vaping is safer than smoking because we are told that? Or is it something we intuitively experience? Vapers can feel how much better they are after doing the switch. We don't need science to tell us anything - we KNOW. Our bodies tell us more clearly than any statistics could do. Vaping literally makes us feel better than we used to. And that's very precious personal information.

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