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Thursday, 20 December 2012

Ask not what your country is doing to you, ask what you can do to stop them.

 EU Release Yesterday   This   and   This

 "Extension of the product scope of the Directive: Nicotine Containing Products (e.g. electronic cigarettes) below a certain nicotine threshold are allowed on the market, but must feature health warnings; products above this threshold are only allowed if authorised as medicinal products like nicotine replacement therapies (e.g. nicotine patches). Herbal products for smoking (e.g. herbal cigarettes) will have to carry health warnings."

I JUST DUNNO. Can you imagine our lovely, vital community of vapers cowed into submission vaping on 4mg three part cartridges off little 250mAh batteries? You can't?  Me neither. Furthermore. these devices are useless to smokers wanting to quit. Shame on Tobacco Control for their utter stupidity. Of course they don't want anything to substitute for smoking and they don't care a jot for smokers' health. Suggesting 4mg strength nicotine in eliquid authorised as medicinal product will make sure that ecigs are as useless as patches. Something really really stinks here. All this can come into "EU Law" in 2014, to action in 2015/16. I hope UK leaves the EU and secondly vapers need to be VERY active next year. We should all ask ourselves "What can we do?" Ask not what your country is doing to you, ask what you can do to stop them.

Please watch this episode of Vapour Trails TV and Dave will tell us exactly what we can do. 

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