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Saturday, 15 December 2012

No more vaping under the table!

We went to "a bit of a do" last night in our village. The band was great! I took a 250 mAh cigarette style battery and three cartos all fully loaded. Fortunately, I also took a 650 battery with a tank on it with deeeliceeeous Absinth in it.

Knowing a small battery might fizzle out before the end of the evening, I took it nevertheless, because they are great for stealth vaping. The first carto collapsed after the first drag, the second leaked on my hand and the third had a highly smelly nutty e liquid in it, that I felt everyone could smell. I got that particular e liquid at the vapefest - and although I enjoy the flavour, it STINKS!

So vaping became a faff. I don't do faff.

Furthermore the heating lights in the ceiling of the venue made the vapour virtually invisible for some reason, so I couldn't tell whether I was vaping or not. There was no hit and no vapour.

Once I scuttled outside hoping to find a friendly smoker ( I knew some guests were smokers) and found none. So I vaped on my tank in the lonely cold.

Eventually I simply cupped my device in my hand to hide the fact that it lights up like a Christmas Tree, took great big drags and blew the almost invisible vapour under the table.

I decided two things - no more silly little batteries and cartos for me, and secondly, that I'm a lilly livered wimp with the courage of a mouse.

I should have just vaped!

No more vaping under the table!

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