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Friday, 7 December 2012

Vaping is NOT like smoking! THAT'S our power.

There seems to be a cough of horror from the corporate industries profiting from being the smokers' enemy, about vaping just being a form of/the same as smoking....trouble is, their poisonous exhalation is polluting us vapers!

Blinded by Ideology, Anti-Smoking Advocates are Widely Misleading the Public into Thinking that Electronic Cigarette Use is a Form of Smoking 


So as a fifty year smoker, I am asking myself is vaping the same as smoking? I was determined never to give up smoking because A - nicotine is medication and B - the more vicious the smoking persecution I saw happening around me, the more aggro I became about not succumbing to force.

I only started vaping because I was going somewhere I could not smoke. I changed to vaping by complete accident and choose to vape now, even though I could choose to smoke.

Do I vape not to smoke? No - I vape because it's great! It's better than smoking for me. THAT'S what the pleasure poopers are frightened of! If every smoker discovered vaping and the numbers of sinful smokers dwindled - they would be out of business - they have to find someone else to persecute, and it's likely to be us. Well, stuff them! Most dedicated vapers like me, could carry on vaping despite all conceivable tactics to stop us - and THAT'S our power.  Vaping is NOT like smoking! 

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  1. Totally in agreement. I love vaping and the healthier alternatve and cheaper cost come as good extras.